Eat, drink & be merry!

If you think Stellenbosch is just about wine, you've heard wrong! The area is also known for craft beer and is the gastronomic capitol of South Africa.

Wine Tasting

Wine tasting is what Stellenbosch was originally known for, and the options to see the many wine farms in the area include the popular organised group tours, a hop-on hop-off service, renting a bicycle and visiting a few farms as well as private tours. Speak to us in person or via email to discuss the options available. The farms themselves are spread widely over the area though so walking from farm to farm is not really possible.

Wine Tasting Cycling

Cycling is a great way to get around the area to try some wine, but just remember you're on public roads so you should rather consider a tour if you're going to be doing more than tasting the wine!


There are a number of craft breweries in the area that you can visit and learn about brewing and beer, or you can just enjoy a few drinks without learning anything! Many of the restaurants in town also serve craft beers.

Fairview Cheese

Stellenbosch has become a popular cheese-making area and a number of the wine farms also produce good cheeses. Some of the wine tours also include a cheese tasting.

Craft Burgers

Eating out is a big part of the Stellenbosch culture, and the town as well as the surrounding area has many great places to enjoy a wide range of cuisine. Some of the top restaurants in the country are on wine farms in the area, but the centre of town caters for everyone with anything from gourmet burgers to seafood, and there is an excellent pizzeria just 2 minutes walk from Stumble Inn if you just feel like ordering a takeaway and hanging out at the bar or in the garden.